type:the fire tiger pokemon

ability:explosion flare:this is an explosion of fire.


this pokemon has red fiery stripes and black stripes that are cold.its face is like a tigers face and has long canine teeth sticking out of its mouth.its ears have flames on the top of them and her eyes are blue and green swirled together.flames cover all of her body except on the black stripes.she has a long tail with a flame on the tip of it. her feet are covered in flames.

gender diferencesEdit

tifir is a girl only spieces.

special abilitiesEdit

it can explode.anything near it while it explodes will catch on fire and explode too.if its flames touch anything it will catch on fire.the flames on its feet can become hot enough to allow it to fly long distances but only in can roll into a fiery ball and roll at other pokemon.


it is very easy to anger and will attack anything that crosses its is very protective of its young and will fight to the death to protect its also attacks anything in its territory but is kind to its trainer.


it usually lives in cold mountain ranges.

==diet ==

it usually roasts berries and catches small and flying prey to eat.


it lives in the mountains to protect itself and its young from other pokemon.its young have no teeth or fur so the mother has to keep them warm putting a ring of fire around then brings roasted berries to them.

name origin:ti(tiger)fir(fire)

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