type:star dragon pokemon

ability:victory star:this raises the accuracy of all your pokemon


it is gray with dark gray and purple has blue eyes with red ear has two arms with three claws on each has short feet and has a yellow and green star diamond on its has a mouth turned down into a frown with two canine teeth sticking out of its has another star diamond on its forehead that is yellow and pink.Edit

gender differencesEdit

the female has two stars the male only has one.

special abilitiesEdit

it can fly by using its star power.its star diamond is so hard it can break anything.the star on its belly can make a protective can become as hard as a diamond to protect itself.


it usually stays underground and builds tunnels to live is a good miner and collects diamonds and other light its tunnels it uses star power to make star can fly but it likes the darkness wich is is thought to be a legendary but its not.


it lives underground.


it eats raw pure uncut diamonds.


it usually likes to stay underground to collect star diamonds,the rarest diamond in the usually collect only five diamonds in its guards the ones its found with its life and makes long tunnels.if someone has one that person can use it to can smell diamonds up to 300 miles away making it the most sensitive smeller ever found.

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