Dark meow

the dark meow


ability:black hole this teleports all pokemon in range to the dark dimension.


this pokemon looks exactly like the meow exept its black with red also has dark blue rings around him that glow in the dark.

gender differencesEdit

it is always a boy. there is only one dark meow.

special abilitiesEdit

it can open a black hole to suck in all pokemon in range to teleport them to the dark can also dissapear into the can also become a shadow. its rings glow in the dark. it can turn any pokemon into shadow pokemon to serve it.


it hates light and its maker the only likes dark pokemon and only lets them see its dimension. it only comes out at night and see's even when there is no makes shadow pokemon to serve it. it thinks like a human.


it feeds off of peoples evil thoughts and stores evil to eat in its dimension.


it is a clone from the meow made to rule the dark dimension but it grew evil and attacked its maker.they had a deadly battle that almost destroyed all the dimensions.finaly the meow sealed the dark meow in the dark deminsion but the dark meow escaped and is preparing to battle the meow again with its shadow pokemon.

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