element:light/color:the element color is rare and not much is known about it.

type:the color cat pokemon

ability:colorblast:this paints everything dull a bright color.

it is part of the meow trio.


it is bright yellow with pink has green bands near its paws and on its has no ears.the black rhombus is its inner has gray eyes with black pupils.on its head it has a small crown on its head that has the colors:red on the sides green in the tail is rounded but then curves into a point.the tip of the point is green.

gender differencesEdit

it is always a girl.there is only one color meow.

special abilitiesEdit

it can paint anything dull with bright colors and can bring stone statues to life by putting color into can fly and teleport to the color dimension,its own can also teleport other people and pokemon to the color dimension.


it is a kind,bright,and happy pokemon and likes to help people and pokemon can make even the sadest people loves its maker the meow unlike the dark meow .it likes to make other pokemon and people smile and be happy.


it lives in the color dimension,its own dimension.

diet Edit

it feeds off of peoples happy thoughts,emotion,and stores them in its dimension.


it was created by the meow to rule the color dimension and to help build the world.after that it seperated from the meow but still loves its is called the being of color and it brought color to the world.its dimension protects it from evil and dullness so it can survive.

made byEdit

dark meow

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