type:water cat pokemon

ability:hydrate:this blocks all fire type attacks.


it is is blue colored with red yellow eyes and blue pupils.its tail is pointy and is the colors gray blue,dark blue and blue.its paws are light blue with three has a light blue nose and a crest on its has big pointy ears.physiology

gender differencesEdit



it usually hides in deep trenches with little or no night bunches of them come up from the depths to hunt.after catching prey they go down into there trenches to eat there food.they live in groups of three.


they live in the ocean in deep trenches.


it usually eats small fish and staryu.


its eyes are very sensitive to much light can blind it forever.if it is used to light though it wont be blinded.its tail point is very poisonous and can badly poison a pokemon if it stab it.however special medicines can be made from the has gills hidden under its skin to breath in the also has lungs to breath on land.

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